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Restaurants of the Month - Kashmir Divine India

As Budapest's headquarters for authentic Indian cuisine, Kashmir has no rival. A respite of exotic comfort in the heart of downtown, this locals' favorite combines a dedication to quality gastronomy of the Asian subcontinent with a warm, relaxed interior, ideal for a casual lunch, a romantic dinner, or any range of culinary event in between.

Well, not any range - one should not arrive at Kashmir expecting fast-food, or a stuffy waitstaff more concerned with its image than the meal. The attitude here is professional, yet laid-back - and laying back is encouraged at many of the tables featuring thick-cushioned seating. Have you never tried Indian food before? Kashmir is an optimal place to explore this marvelous taste experience, which ranges from satisfyingly savory to scintillatingly spicy, and inherent to Indian philosophy is a huge selection of vegetarian dishes.

But the carnivorous will still find choosing just one entrée a challenge, with poultry dishes including butter chicken and chicken madras curry, beef and lamb selections featuring tikka masala and spicy vindaloo, and fish offerings of coconut or mustard curry. For the full Indian dining sensation, feast on one of Kashmir's tandoori dishes - a blend of meat, vegetables, and spices cooked in a clay pot over intense heat.

Along with a wide drink selection that offers many authentic Indian lassis (with or without alcohol), Kashmir's bountiful menu can keep repeat guests trying new flavors for months on end - and those who become truly hooked can even learn to cook some specialties themselves, as the restaurant's comprehensive English-language website (www.kashmiretterem.hu) offers a weekly recipe. But for now, let Kashmir's expert chefs entice you with their alluring edibles - soon you'll reincarnate as an Indian-food connoisseur. Pest V, Arany János u. 13. T: (+36 1) 354-1806.